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Jump of 30% in wind energy in Netherlands

Staff Writer | September 30, 2016
Some 6% of the electricity used in the Netherlands last year came from wind power, a rise of 30% on 2014, the national statistics office CBS said.
Netherlands wind power
Green energy   The share of coal-fired power stations increased to 35%
The 7.6 billion kilowatt hours produced by turbines last year was enough to provide power for 2.5 million homes, the CBS said. The increase is partly due to the shift towards taller turbines which deliver more power.

Just 15% of the turbines in the Netherlands are higher than 96 metres but they account for 34% of wind power generation. The rise in wind-generated electricity does not mean there has been a reduction in the use of coal.

The share of coal-fired power stations in total electricity consumption has risen from 19% in 2010 to 35% last year, the CBS said earlier.