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IT jobs growth slows, engineering employment improves

Staff Writer | August 11, 2016
The number of IT jobs grew 0.2 percent sequentially last month to 5,142,900, according to TechServe Alliance, the national trade association of the IT & Engineering Staffing and Solutions industry.
IT jobs growth
Jobs in the U.S.   Only IT 9,400 jobs during July
On a year-over-year basis, IT employment grew by 3.5% since July 2015 adding 173,900 IT workers.

After several months of sluggish to no growth, engineering employment posted its best month since January expanding 0.2 percent sequentially to 2,536,900.

On a year-over-year basis, growth in engineering employment still remains anemic growing only 0.65% since July 2015 or 16,500 engineering workers.

"For the first time all year, growth for IT employment fell below 10,000 jobs - adding only 9,400 jobs during the month of July. On the engineering side, engineering employment improved posting its best month since January," stated Mark Roberts, CEO of TechServe Alliance.