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Irish homeowners could face spending €5,000 on replacing lead pipes

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Staff Writer | July 29, 2016
Irish Water have revealed they will spend €370m over the next 10 years to replace the pipes outside properties only.
Irish Water
Ireland   Investing in public health
However thousands of homeowners could be left with hefty bills as they will have to pay to replace lead piping inside their property.

Although the utility says there is a Government grant available to help with the costs. Irish Water are advising homeowners whose house is built before 1980 to check their piping as lead contamination can cause serious health problems.

"Public side pipework, as far as a property boundary, is the responsibility of Irish Water but all pipes within the property boundary including those in the home are the responsibility of the property owner, except for those 40,000 served by common backyard mains where responsibility is shared.

"The best and most effective way of dealing with lead in drinking water is to replace all lead pipes and homeowners should seek the advice of a plumber if they are unsure what material the pipes in their home is made from", Irish Water said.

There is some bad news for homeowners as latest reports have revealed they will have to spend up to €5,000 replacing their lead pipes.