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Iran changes names of tankers to avoid sanctions

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 11, 2019
Iran has renamed three more of its tankers to skip the U.S. sanctions, and sell oil clandestinely, Kpler a data intelligence firm told Radio Farda.
Adrian Darya 1
Asia   Adrian Darya 1
The Islamic Republic had earlier changed the name of its supertanker, Grace 1, to Adrian Darya, to sidestep a U.S. warrant to seize the vessel.

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According to Kpler, to avoid sanctions, vessels carrying Iranian cargoes have adopted new strategies such as switching off their transponders or changing names.

"Three VLGCs (Very Large Gas Carrier) loaded with Iranian cargo changed the name in the past weeks. Sea Dragon changed her name to Nexo, Ming Zhu changed her name to Artemis, and Gas Infinity changed her name to Echo Star," Kpler told Radio Farda.