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India starts building its longest road tunnel

Staff Writer | May 23, 2018
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has officially inaugurated work to build the country's longest road tunnel in the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir.
longest road tunnel
Transportation   The 14.2-kilometer tunnel
The 14.2-kilometer tunnel will avoid a high-altitude pass on the route between Ladakh and Kashmir regions. It is expected to be open in 5 years.

The overland road is closed during winters due to heavy snow and frequent avalanches.

At a ceremony in Ladakh on Saturday, Prime Minister Modi said the tunnel will facilitate year-round business activities and bring about rapid economic growth in the area.

India and China dispute the border of Jammu and Kashmir.

In 2013, Chinese troops set up a camp in the Indian-controlled area. Indian forces responded by setting up their own camp, but both sides withdrew after weeks of negotiations.

The tunnel could help the Indian military swiftly move its equipment and personnel.