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IHS: China to become world's largest economy in 2024

Staff writer ▼ | September 9, 2014
China will become the world's largest economy in 2024, as the country's consumer spending is expected to almost quadruple from 2013 to 2024, according to IHS.
Prediction   China to have 20% of GDP in the world
IHS forecast that in 2024, with anticipated nominal gross domestic product (GDP) of $28.25 trillion, China will overtake the United States' $27.31 trillion, becoming the biggest economy in the world.

China's share of world GDP is forecast to rise to 20 percent in 2025, said the Colorado, U.S.-based company.

"Over the next 10 years, China's economy is expected to re-balance towards more rapid growth in consumption, which will help the structure of the domestic economy as well as growth for the Asia Pacific as a region," said Rajiv Biswas, chief Asia economist at IHS.

In the ten years to 2024, Chinese consumer spending is expected to grow at an annual average rate of 7.7 percent per year in real terms, becoming a key engine of global consumer demand and world growth, said IHS. In another word, the total Chinese consumer spending will grow from the current three trillion dollars to 11 trillion dollars by 2024.