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If Nord Stream 2 project implemented, Ukraine to lose gas transit

Staff Writer | September 24, 2018
Ex-President of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma, who is Ukraine's envoy to the Trilateral Contact Group in the Minsk talks, is confident that the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project would result in the loss of gas transit across Ukraine.
Leonid Kuchma
Europe   Leonid Kuchma
He lamented the fact that a gas transmission consortium for the Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS) was not created.

"Do you imagine what Nord Stream 2 is for Ukraine? It means that our pipe is almost empty. They say and promise that we are considering something to be left. But nothing will be left, if the Nord Stream 2 [is implemented]. There is Turkish Stream. Then nothing remains for Ukraine - 10-15 billion [cubic meters]," Kuchma said at a press conference in Dnipro on Friday, September 21.

"We are now receiving $2-3 billion with the small pumping we have today and to lose it... all because of our shortsightedness. Russia asked, Europe asked, and we signed a Memorandum with Russia, Germany in 2002 to create a joint consortium for our Ukrainian GTS. Then France agreed, the Italians. We would have been on horseback today. And what did we say?[break]

"Gather the media: I was pressured that I was almost a traitor to national interests and that I was selling the national wealth. However, we were not selling. We were joining the consortium with our pipeline. It was planned that we would have 51%. Today we have already opened our eyes, proposed that ourselves. However, the ship has sailed. They waved us," the second Ukrainian president said.