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Global warming will cost world's economy $2 trillion by 2030

Staff Writer | July 20, 2016
Rising temperatures brought on by climate change may end up costing the world's economy in excess of $2 trillion in lost productivity by the year 2030.
Global warming
Ecology and climate   A number of research papers were introduced
A number of research papers were introduced at a forum held in Kuala Lumpur by the United Nations University and UN Development Program.

The topic for discussion was how we could reduce the risks from severe weather events, reports the Independent.

Two papers highlighted the estimated economic costs from a loss in productivity in India and China due to global warming, while other papers discussed the risks associated with increasingly heavy rains in spreading diseases, declines in air quality, as well as impacts from other weather extremes.

The research papers were published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health.

Around the globe, 43 countries, the majority of them in Asia, including Malaysia, China, India, and Bangladesh, will see a reduction in their Gross National product (GNP) due to lost productivity.

"Current climate conditions in tropical and subtropical parts of the world are already so hot during the hot seasons that occupational health effects occur and work capacity for many people is affected," said Kjellstrom, according to Reuters.

An increasing need for workers to rest as the hottest days become even hotter is already being seen in places like India, where some jobs are already shared by two people to allow regular breaks from the heat. In just 14 years time, the bill for the extra workers and lost productivity will be around $446 billion.