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FTC sends warning letters to 50 more marketers that claim their products treat coronavirus

Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 23, 2020
The Federal Trade Commission announced it has sent letters warning 50 more marketers nationwide to stop making unsubstantiated claims that their products and therapies can treat or prevent coronavirus.
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Unsubstantiated claims   Chinese Medicine
This is the fifth set of warning letters the FTC has announced as part of its ongoing efforts to protect consumers from health-related COVID-19 scams. In all, the Commission has sent similar letters to more than 120 companies and individuals.

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Several of the letters announced today target “treatments,” including Chinese herbal medications, music therapy, ozone therapy, and shields claimed to boost the immune system by protecting the wearer from electromagnetic fields. However, currently there is no scientific evidence that these, or any, products or services can treat or cure COVID-19.

The FTC sent the letters announced today to the companies and individuals listed below. The recipients are grouped based on the type of therapy, product, or service they pitched as preventing or treating COVID-19.

Supplements and Chinese Herbal Treatments:
- AcuIntegra, Inc. (Clarksville, Tennessee)
- American Chinese Medicine Association Clinic (Aurora, Illinois)
- Ashland Natural Medicine (Ashland, Oregon)
- Beatty Acupuncture (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
- Biogetica (Culver City, California)
- Carlin Creative Concepts LLC (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
- Crescent Moon Herbals, LLC (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
- Dr. Jill Carnahan (Louisville, Colorado)
- Dr. Adrian Hohenwarter (Palmyra, Pennsylvania)
- Dr. Alan Christianson (Scottsdale, Arizona)
- Dr. Ronald Hoffman (New York, New York)
- Dr. Nuzum’s Neutraceuticals (Meridian, Idaho)
- Energy Wellness Products (Decatur, Indiana)
- Hansen Clinic of Natural Medicine (Scottsdale, Arizona)
- Health Remedies (Sarasota, Florida)
- Herbs Rosalee (Carlton, Washington)
- Hunter’s Natural Health (Upper Marlboro, Maryland)
- Jill’s Home Remedies (Online only)
- Lemus Natural (Miami, Florida)
- Lilac Corp. (Rochester, New York)
- Meta-Labs, Inc. (Roswell, Georgia)
- Mind & Body Acupuncture (Los Angeles, California)
- Mulberry Leaf Acupuncture and Herbs (Studio City, California)
- Nature’s Best Relief, Inc. (Littleton, Colorado)
- Naturopathic European Medical Centre LLC (Stevens Point, Wisconsin)
- Nicole Apelian (online only)
- (Anchorage, Alaska)
- OrganyLife (The Colony, Texas)
- Plum Dragon Herbs (Chester, Maryland)
- Puredia (Irvine, California)
- The Raw Food World (Camarillo, California)
- The Stern Method (online only)
- Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic (Fort Collins, Colorado)
- Vidl Wellness (Gloucester, Virginia)