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Finger Lakes receives $80.5m as top Empire State performer

Staff Writer | December 10, 2016
The Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council was recognized as a top New York performer at the sixth annual Regional Economic Development Council awards and is to receive $80.5 million from the state toward its projects.
Finger Lakes
New York   The tide is now turning
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said that after years seeing low wages draw employers south, the tide is now turning. Places like New York now offer the skilled workforce and opportunities for education and training that attract advanced manufacturers, high tech and other employers to the state.

“Overall, the economic tide is with us,” he said, predicting growth “like we’ve never seen before. I will never sign a budget that does not help upstate with their economic needs.”

Furthermore, he made a pledge to Upstate New York to continue to support its growth and development.

The Finger Lakes region has been a top performer in the past at these annual awards. Last year, the region was one of three to win a competitive grant of $500 million over five years through the Upstate Revitalization Initiative.