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Fight for jobs: AFGE against elimination of passenger screening at smaller airports

Staff Writer | August 6, 2018
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is considering a proposal to eliminate passenger security screening at more than 150 small and medium-sized airports across the country, according to reports.
America   TSA didn't say where the majority of firearms were confiscated
According to reports, TSA claims the move could save $115 million annually. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), which represents more than 43,000 TSA officers nationwide, says saving money should be the least of the agency's concern.

Last year, TSA officers confiscated a record number of 3,957 firearms at checkpoints nationwide — 84 percent of them loaded but they don't say how many of them were confiscated on smaller airports.

TSA officers screen 2 million passengers, 1.3 million checked items, and 4.9 million carry-on bags every day.