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Facial recognition piloted in Beijing's public rental housing

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Staff Writer | March 14, 2019
A facial recognition system has been piloted to prevent subletting in public rental housing projects in Beijing since the end of last year.
Beijing's public rental housing
Asia   Subletting public rental houses is banned as they serve to provide shelter
The facial recognition technology can prevent beneficiaries of the government-funded housing from renting their apartments to others for profit, and ensure the safety of residents by denying access to strangers, said an official with the Beijing affordable housing construction and investment center.

Subletting public rental houses is banned as they serve to provide shelter for low-income families and migrant workers, the official said.

"It's quite irritating that many citizens are still waiting for the houses while some illegally sublet their public rental houses," said Yin Banghao, an official in charge of a public rental housing project in Fengtai District.

Yin said all residents are registered with their identities and faces in the facial recognition system. Service staff, couriers and food delivery people can also enter the public rental housing community after registration.

While safeguarding social fairness for those in need, the system also makes communities of public rental housing safer.

All public rental houses in Beijing are expected to adopt the facial recognition system by June.