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EU grants $27.5 million to test floating wind turbine in Rogaland

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | April 6, 2020
The European Commission has awarded 290 million kroner ($27,456,057) for a project to test a floating wind turbine at Karmøy in Rogaland.
Karmøy in Rogaland
Green   Karmøy in Rogaland
“Here we see that Norwegian companies, through good cooperation and international contacts, can help to solve some of society’s major challenges,” says CEO Håkon Haugli of Innovasjon Norge (Innovation Norway).

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The project, called Flagship, includes a 10 megawatt floating offshore wind turbine to be built at a test center in Karmøy.

About NOK 244 million of EU funding goes to the project’s Norwegian participants, making it one of the largest EU-funded projects in Norway.