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EIB signs a CZK 1.3 billion loan with Central Bohemia to improve healthcare

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 13, 2020
The European Investment Bank (EIB) signed a CZK 1.3 billion loan (equivalent to €48 million) with Středočeský kraj, the Region of Central Bohemia in Czech Republic, to improve healthcare, transport, social care and education infrastructures, as well as to increase energy efficiency of public buildings.
EIB Central Bohemia
European Investment Bank   EIB Central Bohemia
EIB loan will cover the construction, modernisation and optimisation of the medical facilities of the region.

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It will enable the medical infrastructures to achieve higher efficiency, increased service quality, energy savings, as well as improved emergency preparedness, notably to cope with pandemics such as the coronavirus.

Investment in the transport sector will include improvements of the intra-regional connectivity, which will result in safer roads and reduced traffic congestion.

The project will also contribute to improve the quality of public services in the sectors of education and culture, thanks to the construction and rehabilitation of dedicated buildings.