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Dutch natural gas exports reduced by more than half

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Staff Writer | March 7, 2017
According to the most recent figures released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the Netherlands exported 8.2 bn euros worth of natural gas in 2016.
Dutch natural gas
Energy   The value of Dutch goods exports
Natural gas exports were reduced by more than half over the past three years. Last year’s natural gas production was 42 percent below the level recorded in 2013.

The value of Dutch goods exports totalled 433 bn euros last year, with natural gas exports accounting for nearly two percent. In 2013 the share of natural gas in Dutch exports was considerably higher (4.0 percent of the total value of exports).

The demand for natural gas fell by 15 percent in 2016 relative to 2013, when winter temperatures were much lower.

Natural gas extraction was reduced substantially after introduction of a production ceiling in the province of Groningen early 2014.

In 2013 the total volume of natural gas extracted in Groningen amounted to 54 bn cubic metres. The Dutch government recently decided to scale down annual production in Groningen to 24 bn cubic metres.

This resulted in a total natural gas production of over 47 bn cubic metres in 2016, i.e. 42 percent down from 2013.