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Drugs wholesalers in Croatia: 75 percent of hospitals will get less drugs or no drugs

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 19, 2020
The guest of N1 television in Croatia was Tomislav Kulić, president of the wholesalers' association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.
Tomislav Kulić
Wholesalers   Tomislav Kulić
"After fiasco, wholesalers no longer have the opportunity, tomorrow they will start with the suspension of drugs or a significant reduction for 75 percent of hospitals," Kulić confirmed for N1 television.

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He says they are not threatening, they have been warning about the situation for months, and they are ignored.

"Delivery reductions started two weeks ago. Every wholesaler has its own logic. They are simply no longer able to meet their obligations to their suppliers." The remaining stock will be directed to customers who pay better, he says.

He points out that they have been warning about the situation for months, appealing for an urgent solution, and no concrete solution has been offered to them, he adds.