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Domestic tourism in Turkey increased 16.3 percent

Staff writer ▼ | February 8, 2016
In the third quarter - which is July, August and September 2015 - 24.145 million residents in Turkey had domestic trips.
Domestic tourism Turkey
Tourism in Turkey   325.103 million overnights staying
Domestic trips with one or more than one overnights increased by 16.3% compared to the same period of the previous year and reached to 32.960 million trips.

In this quarter, domestic visitors made 325.103 million overnights. While average number of overnights was 9.9, average expenditure per trip was 377 TL. Domestic visitors spent 12 billion 429 million 293 thousand TL.

In this quarter, trip expenditures of domestic tourists increased by 16.2% compared to same quarter of previous year and reached to 12 billion 429 million 293 thousand TL.

Domestic tourism expenditures was composed of individual expenditures and package tour expenditures. In this quarter, while 91.3% of domestic tourism expenditure was individual (11 billion 346 million 271 thousand TL), 8.7% of it was package tour expenditures (1 billion 83 million 22 thousand TL).

Primary purpose of trip was “visiting relatives” with 67.1%. The secondary purpose of trip was “travel, leisure, holiday” with 26.4% and the third was “health” with 3.2%.

In this quarter, domestic visitors stayed mostly at “house of friend and relative” with 215 million 946 thousand overnights. According to number of overnights by type of accommodation, while “own house” took second place with 71 million 321 thousand overnights, “hotel” took third place with 18 million 190 thousand overnights.