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Doctors in Greece started nationwide strike

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Staff writer ▼ | October 2, 2014
Greek state doctors and nurses went on nationwide strike against an austerity plan to cut staff and wages.
Greece doctors
Problems   Against an austerity plan to cut staff and wages
The strike, which also involves other medical staff and ambulance services, comes as international creditors hold a fifth, and what the government hopes is a final, review of Athens' progress on economic reform.

The talks with creditors are expected to focus on the country's 2015 budget, namely the size of Greece's primary surplus and possible measures to plug the gap, as Athens insists it is ready to make an early exit from its current bailout programme.

Nearly five years after it was awarded its first of two bailouts, Athens is keen to avoid a third, insisting it can meet its funding needs by tapping international markets.

Negotiations are also expected to include the government's long-overdue efforts to down-size the bloated public sector as well as efforts to push ahead with a controversial overhaul of the pension system.