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Digital ad spending overtakes newspapers in Germany

Staff writer ▼ | October 9, 2015
Germany is home to Europe’s second-largest digital ad market, and eMarketer predicts that this year digital spending will grow by 6.0% to reach $6.64 billion.
Digital ad spending
Marketing   Single-digit growth is becoming the norm for digital advertising
Single-digit growth is becoming the norm for digital advertising in Germany, where the market will grow to $7.92 billion by 2019.

eMarketer’s latest forecast for ad spending around the world, updated in September, reiterates figures for Germany’s digital market originally predicted in March 2015. Since that time, trends in the German ad market and economy are in line with predictions.

Digital is growing about four times as fast as the paid media market as a whole in Germany, which will climb by just 1.4% this year. Growth is expected to be even lower between 2016 and 2019, when total media ad spending in Germany will reach $24.88 billion.

Total Media Ad Spending in Germany, by Media, 2014-2019 (billions)

Despite ongoing declines in ad spending, print is still the biggest ad medium in the country, and this year will rake in some $2 billion more than the digital ad ecosystem. For the first time this year, digital ad spending will exceed spending on newspaper ads.

Along with digital, spending on TV and outdoor ads is also increasing.

Mobile internet ad spending growth is considerably faster than that of digital as a whole; this year, mobile will grow at 10 times the rate of all digital ads. But by 2019, mobile will be growing by just 10% annually as the market reaches greater levels of maturity.