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Czech manufacturing above world average in use of robots

Staff Writer | January 10, 2019
For every 10,000 employees in the Czech Republic, there are 101 robots.
Czech factory with robots
Europe   Czech factory with robots
This measurement, used in a recent HSBC study, places the Central European state above the world average, which lies at 74 robots.

However, in the country’s neighbour Slovakia the robot population average is higher by a third. The study also claims that due to its ageing population study the Czech Republic will need to continue increasing the share of robots in its economy.

While it may have been a Czech writer who came up with the word “robot”, Czechs are not at the forefront of including these intelligent machines in their economy.

A recent study by HSBC titled The World in 2030 has placed them above average in a global comparison of robots to workers ratio. However with 101 robots for every 10,000 employees, the country is far behind world leader South Korea, which employees 631 robots in the manufacturing sector for the same number of workers.

The Czechs are also slightly above average in their immediate neighbourhood of the Visegrad Four. While trailing behind of the robot average of their closest neighbour Slovakia, they are ahead of Hungary and Poland.