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Construction of Belarusian nuclear power plant on schedule

Staff writer ▼ | February 4, 2016
The construction of power-generating units of the Belarusian nuclear power plant proceeds on schedule.
Belarusian nuclear
Nuclear energy   Deputy Energy Minister Mikhail Mikhadyuk:
The statement was made by Belarusian Deputy Energy Minister Mikhail Mikhadyuk during the IAEA technical meeting on topical issues in the development of nuclear power infrastructure in Vienna.

Mikhail Mikhadyuk said: “Together with its strategic partner – the Russian state corporation Rosatom — Belarus is working hard to build the nuclear power plant. I am satisfied with the fact that the construction of both power-generating units proceeds in accordance with the schedule. Equipment is delivered to the construction site, goes through on-receipt inspections, and is handed over to assembly gangs.”

The Deputy Energy Minister emphasized that the Belarus president and the government pay close attention to the construction of the nuclear power plant. All the operations needed to build the power plant and make its equipment are always overseen by the relevant agencies.

Oversight remarks are summed up and reviewed on a monthly basis with assistance of the designated deputy prime minister.

“In every aspect concerning the creation of the nuclear power engineering industry Belarus closely cooperates with the International Atomic Energy Agency. Support for shaping the national system meant to train personnel for the country's nuclear energy program is one of the main directions in the IAEA technical cooperation projects that have been in progress since 2008,” said Mikhail Mikhadyuk.

With the IAEA's assistance a lot of work has been done to develop Belarus' nuclear energy infrastructure and bolster nuclear and radioactive safety.