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Colombia's Committee urges to be on strike from homes

Christian Fernsby ▼ | March 17, 2020
Colombia's National Strike Committee urged yesterday to mobilize against government policies on March 25 with actions from homes and in small concentrations due to the pandemic of the coronavirus.
Colombia street
Colombia   Colombia street
We call the entire population to make the national strike that day from home, with banging pots every two hours from 08:00 local time until 20:00, pointed out the Committee.

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In this sense, the organization urged to publish multiple messages on social networks, throughout the day with the hashtag #National Strike25M; also to develop small concentrations that guarantee the protest. The national flag should be raised with a black ribbon, noted the National Strike Committee.

All this framed in the fight against the neoliberal package of President Ivan Duque, his corruption, labor and pension reforms and in rejection of social leaders' and former guerrillas' murders and for the fulfillment of the Peace Agreement. Therefore, we demand that the government open negotiations with the Committee, set out the trade union movement.