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China world's largest trademark holder

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Staff writer ▼ | September 4, 2014
China continues to top the world in the number of trademarks registered, driven in part by government encouragement to improve innovation and competitiveness.
China trademarks
Asia   7.61 million trademarks registered
The number of valid trademarks registered in China totaled 7.61 million by the end of June, data from the State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC) showed. The SAIC had received over 14 million trademark applications as of June. China has led the world in the number of trademark applications since 2002.

Zhang Mao, director of the SAIC, downplayed the surging number of trademarks, saying only a small proportion of Chinese brands are recognized in the international market. He pointed out that Chinese enterprises still rely too much upon cost advantage. He added that only 20 percent of export-oriented firms have their own brands and just 11 percent of China's exports are sold under domestic brands.