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China cuts U.S. Treasury securities holding to $1.2461 trillion

Staff writer ▼ | February 17, 2016
China, the top buyer of U.S. Treasury securities, cut its holding in December 2015, the latest data from the Treasury Department showed.
Finance   Japan cut holding n U.S. to $1.1225 trillion
China reduced its holding of the Treasury securities by $18.4 billion to $1.2461 trillion in December 2015. In the previous month, it increased its holding by $9.7 billion.

Japan, the second largest foreign holder of U.S. Treasury securities, cut its holding by 22.4 billion to $1.1225 trillion in December.

In December, overall foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury securities rose to $6.1658 trillion from November's $6.1257 trillion.