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CES insanity on another level, from wearables guiding you to bathroom to sex toys

Christian Fernsby ▼ | January 5, 2020
Thousands of people gather in Las Vegas to see new technology CES has to offer. But it seems technology companies desperately need new and crazy ideas to attract customers.
CES 2020
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At CES 2020, from Sunday, a number of companies are planning to show toilet tech products.

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Toilets are getting sensors to help determine how much water each flush requires, voice assistants are standing by to flush your toilet, and wearables monitor your stomach and send you a smartphone notification when it's time to use the bathroom.

Toilet paper maker Charmin will show a “roll bot”. And several companies promise to revolutionise teeth with high-tech toothbrushes.

For the first time in its 52 years, the conference will allow sex-toy companies to exhibit on the show floor as part of that group, including a multitasking bed for sex and a number of “smart” and internet-connected vibrators.

Some CES check-in locations will have a camera set up that will snap a person's photo and automatically match it to the photo they used to register. Facial-detection technology has caused a lot of controversy and concerns over privacy and bias. Now the companies want it to be embraced as a fun, user-friendly technology that makes tasks easier.

So, if you want some good TVs and mobile phones and computers, you will see them too, but that's so yesterday. Forget the brain and let your device decide when you have to go to the bathroom. Insanity on another level, indeed.