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Canada's January-February lumber exports rise 65%

Christian Fernsby ▼ | April 3, 2019
In January-February 2019, Canada increased its lumber exports to China by 65% ​​to 906 thousand m3, according to Woodstat.
Canada lumber
Canada   Ukraine has become the fourth largest supplier of lumber to China
Ukraine has become the fourth largest supplier of lumber to China, beating the exports from Sweden, Germany, Chile and the United States.

Lumber exports from Ukraine to China grew by 223% to 152 thousand m3.

Russia is the largest lumber supplier to China with volume in January-February of 2.16 million m3 (+ 15%).

However, the country's share in the Chinese market for imported lumber

eclined from a maximum of 63% last year to 56% in January-February 2019. The United States had the largest reduction in lumber supplies to China in January-February by 57%, shipments from Sweden decreased by 39%, and from Finland by 28%.

Softwood lumber import in China during January-February 2019 totaled 3.82 million m3 (+16% compared to 2018).

Of softwood lumber, China imports mostly pine.

The import of pine increased by 8% during January-February (compared to 2018).

The import of spruce increased by 26%.

The import of other lumber (mostly larch) increased by 31%.