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California gets first camel dairy farm

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Staff writer ▼ | August 3, 2015
A new camel dairy farm has been opened in the state of California, which is claimed to be the first such in the region.
California camel
Food   The camel milk in California
People worldwide have been consuming camel milk for hundreds of years. The idea appealed to Gil Rigler, who has a small herd of camels on his farm and produces camel milk for Californians. He says it tastes like a salty skim milk and it has some added health benefits.

The camel milk being produced in the farm does not have a permit for selling as of now, reports.

Currently, the milk produced at the farm is being used to make products such as lip balm and lotion.

The farm owner Gil Rigler was quoted by the publication as saying: "The milk is actually turning out to be really good for autistic children and people with Crone's Disease and colitis.

"It also has insulin in it, so the camel milk helps people with diabetes."

People across the globe have been consuming camel milk for hundreds of years for its health benefits.