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Brazil's forex flow negative by $4.6 billion

Staff writer ▼ | July 9, 2015
United States dollar outflows from Brazil surpassed inflows, and the negative balance persists throughout the early days of July.
Brazil money
Currency   The Central Bank reported:
The Central Bank reported that the foreign exchange result was negative at $4.694 billion in June. During the first three business days of July, the deficit reached $1.522 billion.

Last month, financial operations (investment in bonds, profit and dividend remittances to foreign countries and foreign direct investment in Brazil, among other operations) saw outflows exceeding inflows by $7.629 billion. Export- and import-related forex operations showed a $2.935 billion surplus.

From July 1st to 3rd, the balance of financial operations was negative by $1.513 billion and export/import operations showed a $9 million deficit.

From January through July 3rd, foreign exchange flows were positive by $9.577 billion in Brazil. During this period, financial operations had a $225 million deficit and export/import registered a $9.802 billion surplus.