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Brazil truckers association Abcam recommends end of strike

Staff Writer | May 28, 2018
A Brazilian truckers association behind a week-long nationwide fuel-price protest that paralyzed key sectors of Latin America's biggest economy told drivers to get back to work on Monday after the government caved in to their demands.
Abcam association
LatAm   The Abcam association is happy now
The Abcam association, which says it represents at least 600,000 independent truck drivers, said in a written statement it expected the number of truckers blockading key roadways to fall significantly by Monday afternoon, but also warned that unwinding the protest would take time.

"We are working to spread the word of a deal to all the drivers," Abcam said in its statement. "It is worth remembering that even though we are calling for an end to the blockades, not all protesters agree with that."

It was not clear by mid-day when Brazil would return to some semblance of normality.

The truckers' protest left South America's biggest city and economic hub Sao Paulo, and hundreds of communities across the country, without fuel, emptying normally gridlocked roads. Hospitals said they were running out of supplies.