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Bolivia and Brazil agree on alliance for gas and energy supply

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Staff Writer | December 22, 2018
Bolivian state oil company Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) and Brazilian company Ambar Energia signed a memorandum of understanding on Friday to develop gas and electricity supply projects in southern Brazil.
LatAm   Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos
The preliminary agreement establishes that YPFB will supply up to 2.1 million cubic meters (MCUM) of natural gas for the operations of the Cuiaba thermoelectric plant in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, with the aim of increasing its capacity from 500 to 1,500 megawatts in the next years.

Luis Alberto Sanchez, Minister of Hydrocarbons, highlighted the work so that the Bolivian product has new markets together with private companies of Brazil and Argentina, a relation that until now was only between state companies.

YPFB CEO Oscar Barriga reported that the pipeline to Brasilia can send 4 MCUM without compression to Cuiaba, and could be expanded with a new system of up to 7 MCUM to serve other energy projects.

For his part, the CEO of Ambar Energia, Humberto Junqueira, highlighted the value of the document that will boost energy production in the Mato Grosso region.

The Bolivian oil company signed commercial agreements on December 19 with the Brazilian companies Camaçari RJ, Ms Gas and Hinove Agrociencia, and on Thursday a memorandum of understanding with Shell Brasil.