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Belarus ready to process 24m tonnes of Russian oil annually

Christian Fernsby ▼ | December 20, 2019
Belarusian oil refineries are ready to process 24 million tonnes of Russian oil per year, Deputy Chairman of the Belneftekhim oil industry concern Andrei Bunakov told the Vestnik Belneftekhima Magazine, BelTA has learned.
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Belarusian oil refineries are technically capable of processing 24 million tonnes of oil annually 12 million tonnes by each oil refinery.

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In Q1 2020 Naftan can process 3 million tonnes, and Mozyr Oil Refinery can handle 2.9 million tonnes, Andrei Bunakov said.

He added that Belarusian petroleum products meet all international quality standards and are in demand on foreign markets.

Belarusian Oil Company is in charge of the sales markets for these products.

Belarus and Russia agreed on the indicative balance for oil supplies to Belarus to the amount of 24 million tonnes in 2020.

In 2015 some 23.5 million tonnes of oil were supplied to the oil refineries.

“We are still capable of processing such volumes, we have the necessary transport infrastructure.

“Belarusian refineries and our permanent partner Belarusian Railways are ready to deliver the entire amount of oil products,” Andrei Bunakov said.