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Bad weather delays ship assigned to fix South African submarine cable

Christian Fernsby ▼ | January 22, 2020
Extreme weather has delayed the departure of a ship from Cape Town, whose crew has been tasked with fixing two subsea cable breaks that are negatively affecting international connectivity in South Africa.
Leon Thevenin cable ship
Communications in South Africa   Leon Thevenin cable ship
Gale force winds in Cape Town last week and over the weekend delayed the operations of the Leon Thevenin cable ship. However, the Harbour Master on Monday finally granted the authority to proceed with the repair effort.

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According to Telkom wholesale division Openserve, which is one of the companies affected by the cable breaks, the vessel was moved from the jetty where it was stationed on Monday afternoon to the docking area where loading of supplies for the repair mission commenced at 5.45pm.

“We have had confirmation this morning, from the chief of mission aboard the vessel, that this process is running optimally at the moment, with submarine-rated optic-fibre cable, repeaters, all test gear and jointing kits being loaded,” Openserve said.

Once the loading is concluded, the vessel will depart to the break locations to undertake the repair.

“The chief of mission anticipates that all loading will be completed by the evening today should all go according to plan. A travel plan with detailed departure and arrival times will only be provided once loading is completed.”