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Attack on railways increase in India, 18 'sabotage attempts' in 40 days

Staff Writer | February 10, 2017
Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu revealed that in less than 40 days, the railways has seen an increase of 18 attempts of deliberate attempts to cause rail mishaps which is a major cause of concern for the railway department.
Suresh Prabhu
Transportation   Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu:
A massive rail accident was prevented recently in the Mansi area of Bihar. According to several media reports, the locals informed the railway officials that fishplates, a flat piece of metal used to connect adjacent rails in a railway track and join vaults of the rail tracks were missing.

Also, the villagers took cognisance of the situation just before Rajdhani Express travelling from New Delhi was all set to pass the area.

This incident, Suresh Prabhu noted was the 18th “Sabotage” incident. Times of India reported that sabotage attempts that were made unsuccessful by the rail authorities include, boulders, concrete slabs, stones being stationed at the rail tracks that could possibly cause a derailment.