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Arizona public universities bring $11.1 billion to state

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Arizona public universities provided 84,000 jobs and made an economic impact of more than $11.1 billion in 2017.

The economic and fiscal impacts were calculated including the universities’ operations, research activities and spending by students, employees and the university.

The three universities employed a total of 36,725 people, excluding student workers, on a full‐time or part‐time basis.

FY 2017 payroll was $2.6 billion with wages and salaries accounting for $1.9 billion and $679.8 million being employee related expenses.

Student spending on items such as housing, utilities, groceries, retail merchandise, personal services and vehicle maintenance also impact the economy.

The 136,239 traditional students (those attending in person, not online) in the Arizona Public University system spent an estimated $2.0 billion in FY17.

Purchases of goods and services (within Arizona) by the universities for operating expenses, excluding payroll and construction, totaled $600.8 million in FY17.

Construction outlays in FY17, excluding soft costs, totaled $323.7 million for all three universities.

The spending of the university faculty & staff generated additional economic impact throughout the Arizona economy.

Indeed, an estimated 11,393 jobs were generated in FY17 with wages of $489.6 million, value added of $750.5 million and total economic output of $1.7 billion.

Student spending generated an estimated 19,743 total jobs with wages of $758.2 million, value added of $1.2 billion and economic output of $3.0 billion in the Arizona economy.

The universities’ purchases generated a total impact of 10,308 jobs, $472.4 million in wages, $688.0 million in value added and $1.2 billion in economic output.

Construction spending generated a total of 4,047 direct, indirect and induced jobs with wages of $210.2 million, value added of $315.4 million and economic output of $571.7 million.

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