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Angola: First optic fiber cable to South America ready

Staff Writer | August 7, 2017
Angola is to inaugurate the first optic fiber cable joining Africa with Latin America through the Atlantic Wednesday, announced the Minister of Telecommnunications and Information Technology, José Carvalho da Rocha.
José Carvalho da Rocha
Communications   The $320 million invested
Operated by Angola Cables, the layout will join this country with Brazil and from there it will join another that will be in operation next year with the United States, in which the Angolan company also participated.

Carvalho da Rocha considered Angola will obtain valuable financial resources with this service, as it will facilitate communications between the Americas ansd Asia without passing by Europe and the Arab countries.

Meanwhile, the Minister assured Angolans will enjoy better quality communications with less cost when the first satellite Angosat 1 is launched soon.

During the Angosat conference: challenges, benefits and opportunities for the academic community, at the High Politechnic Tocoist Institute, Da Rocha explained that the great challenge of the exeutive is to make communications more viable, for which it invested in the layout of the optical fiber cable for the connection of the national space with neighboring countries.

He announced they have 37 aerospace engineers that will be in charge of the operation of the artifact being built in Russia with a useful lifespan of 18 years, three of them of tolerance.

The $320 million invested will be compensated in the period of activity, allowing national opwerators to have lower costs, at present of 15 to 20 million dollars for the renting of spaces in foreign satellites.

The company Infrasat, operator of Angosat1, already sold services to Angolan and neighboring enterprises, as its activity radius covers all the continent and part of Europe (Portugal to Italy).

The device that will be launched at the orbit position 14.5 E before the end of September, has a useful cargo of 262.4 kilograms, useful charge power of three thousand 753 W, frequency band CKu, number of repeaters 16C + 6Ku.

Its control center on land is located at the commune Funda, at the capital's municipality of Cacuaco.