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Amounts of waste from production both increased and decreased in Finland

Staff Writer | June 15, 2017
Compared to the previous year, the total amount of waste generated in 2015 in Finland grew by over ten percent.
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Doing business   Compared to the previous year
This was despite the fact that Finland manufacturing’s total amount of waste fell considerably in 2015 from the previous reference year, 2014; from around 10.3 to 8.9 million tonnes.

However, the amounts of surface soil, waste stone and ore dressing sand generated by mining and quarrying had a rising effect on the total amount of waste due to their large quantities.

Over 76 million tonnes of surface soil dug to uncover ore, waste stone from mines and ore dressing sand from separation of valuable ore minerals were generated from mining and quarrying.

The amount of waste from energy production largely followed the trend of manufacturing, the decrease in the amounts of waste accumulated was similar to manufacturing, being only around 85 percent from the previous year. â–