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Almost half of New Yorkers won't take vacation this summer

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Staff Writer | July 12, 2016
A majority of New Yorkers, 56 percent, will take a vacation of at least one week this summer but 42 percent say they will not.
New York camp
Empire State   According to a new Siena College poll:
This is according to a new Siena College poll (SRI) of New York State adults. Topping the list of activities that residents plan for this summer are taking a road trip (58 percent), going to an ocean beach (56 percent), going to a lake (46 percent), visiting historic or natural sites (46 percent) or going to a water park or amusement park (42 percent).

“While a small majority of New Yorkers plan to follow the Summer Olympics either some or a great deal, nearly four in ten are either not very or not at all confident the games will get underway without a hitch” according to SRI’s Director, Don Levy.

“Whether their concerns stem from the Zika virus or potential construction delays, sixty-eight percent say that they wouldn’t travel to Brazil to see the games even if money were no object. Still, track & field, swimming and gymnastics top the list of must see Olympic TV.”

Women, residents over the age of 65 and those New Yorkers earning less than $50K are least likely to take a one week vacation this summer. One in five are vacationing for two or more weeks this summer. Of those taking vacations, about a quarter plan to vacation in New York.

Over half of one week vacationers and 43 percent of those with two or more weeks are headed to sites across the U.S. and 21 percent of one week vacationers and one-third of those with two or more weeks are headed to destinations outside the country.