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Almost half of Americans working remotely

Staff Writer | March 16, 2017
The trend of American employees working remotely continues to grow, according to Gallup's State of the American Workplace report.
Working from home
Working in America   Remote working is on the upswing across most industries
In 2012, Gallup data showed that 39% of employees worked remotely in some capacity, meaning they spent at least some of their time working in a location different from that of their coworkers. In 2016, that number grew by four percentage points to 43%.

But it's not just the percentage of employees working remotely that has increased: Employees who work off-site are also spending more of their time doing so.

In 2012, 24% of employees were spending 80% or more of their time working remotely.

In 2016, 31% were found to be doing the same. The number of employees working remotely 40% to 80% of the time has also slightly increased, while the number of employees working remotely less than 20% of the time has decreased.

Remote working is also on the upswing across most industries Gallup has studied.

The finance, insurance and real estate industries experienced the greatest surge in time spent remote working, followed by the manufacturing and construction, transportation, and retail industries.

The science, engineering and architecture; education, training and library; and community and social services industries are on the other end of this trend.

While employees in these fields are still spending time working remotely, a smaller percentage are doing so today compared with a few years ago.