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Almeria exports more than half of Spain's tomatoes

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Staff writer ▼ | October 15, 2015
More than half of the tomatoes exported by Spain in the recently completed campaign were produced in Almeria, according to the statistical service Estacom.
Food production   According to Estacom:
The total volume exported by Spain in the last campaign reached 961.89 million kilos, with an export value of 955.59 million euros.

Almeria is the largest tomato exporter, with 541.32 million kilos sold overseas, which represents 56.28 percent of the Spanish total. The value of these shipments amounted to 486.68 million euros, with an average price of 0.9 euros per kilo.

The second largest exporter was Murcia, which shipped 123.72 million kilos of tomatoes, 12.86 percent of the total exported by Spain. The export value of Murcia reached 112.02 million euros and the average price stood at 0.9 euros per kilo.

Granada is in third place with 84.97 million kilos, 147.47 million euros and an average price of 1.74 euros per kilo. Granada accounted for 8.83 percent of the country's exports.

Germany has been the main importer of Spanish tomatoes, with 224.28 million kilos purchased.

The second place is for the United Kingdom, with a total of 147.9 million kilos, followed by France, with 145.42 million kilos, the Netherlands, with 104.29, and Poland, with 64.32 million kilos.

The acreage devoted by Almeria to the production of tomatoes has dropped compared to last year and stands at 10,500 hectares.

The volume produced by Almeria, according to data obtained through the Prices and Markets Observatory of Andalusia, reached 984.76 million kilos, of which 54.97 percent was exported.

Almeria's producers have obtained a gross profit of 546 million euros.