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90% of U.S. hospitals still use pagers and pay $180,000 per year for that

Staff writer ▼ | February 26, 2016
A new survey sponsored by TigerText and using research by HIMSS Analytics and other industry research, revealed how significantly U.S. hospitals are overpaying to maintain legacy paging services.
Old technology   The average paging service cost per pager is $9.19 per month
The HIMSS Analytics research in which 200 hospitals were surveyed, revealed that 90% of these organization still use pagers and on average spend around $180,000 per year.

This study "The Hidden Cost of Pagers in Healthcare" included research from HIMSS Analytics and other market research.

The HIMSS Analytics research found that the average paging service cost per device was $9.19 per month, compared to industry research showing the cost of secure messaging app alternatives to be less than $5 per month.

A lack of two-way communication was the most commonly cited disadvantage of using pagers among the executives interviewed as part of the study.

One-way paging does not give recipients full context nor the option to provide feedback or ask questions, costing care teams precious time to manage patient care.

Pagers were seen in interviews as causing communication gaps by not allowing users to update contact directories and on-call schedules, which are critical to effectively reaching physicians.

Survey respondents noted the inconvenience of carrying and managing more than one device.

The limits of paging systems operating only on a single network was perceived as a significant disadvantage, unlike smartphones which communicate across multiple networks.