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43% of Californians considering buying or leasing an electric vehicle

Staff Writer | October 19, 2016
Californians are embracing EVs and want the state to do more to encourage their widespread adoption, according to research commissioned by CALinnovates.
Electric vehicle
Green energy   Californians are embracing EVs
Forty-three percent of Californians say they are considering buying or leasing an electric vehicle before 2025, according to the Vrge Analytics survey of 837 conducted August 16, 2016.

When informed that there are EVs in development that are roughly the same price as traditional vehicles with a range of more than 200 miles per charge, sixty-five percent of respondents say they would consider buying or leasing one.

Californians also believe that the state should do more to encourage the development and deployment of additional electric vehicles – with nearly 80% in support. Similar numbers want the state to "push the envelope" in addressing air pollution and global warming. And nearly 70% support Governor Brown's goal of putting 1.5 million EVs on the road by 2025.

On issues pending before the state government, 66% support the reauthorization of the state's law to combat global warming, and 60% support increasing tax credits to encourage more Californians to purchase EVs.

Finally, over 50% of Californians said that the oil and gas industry stands in the way of positive change for California.