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15% of Americans staying away from social media, they worry about privacy

Staff writer ▼ | February 17, 2016
Recent Pew research shows most Americans are worried more than ever about their online privacy.
Data safety
Data safety   People became more cautious of the apps
Users are more sensitive as to who gets what info and take action to shield their online information. Recent Pew research shows that 17% of users changed their privacy settings on social media and 15% actually cut down on their use of social media altogether.

People became more cautious of the apps on their computers or mobile devices, with 15% avoiding certain apps and 13% going so far as to uninstall apps.

Concerns about online privacy will reach a tipping point in 2016, prompting consumers to demand greater protection. Businesses that collect, store and use people's data are most at risk of attracting hackers and regulatory oversight.

They also stand to suffer the most when consumers decide to prioritize privacy over convenience, something that is already beginning to shape behavior.