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Yerevan-Moscow Siberia Airlines flight passenger announces bomb in his hand luggage

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 9, 2019
During the boarding of passengers of the Siberia Airlines flight from Yerevan to Moscow on Monday morning, a passenger announced there was a bomb in his hand luggage, but did not make any demands, reports.
Siberia Airlines
Russia   Siberia Airlines
The aviation security service at Zvartnots International Airport of capital city Yerevan and the police were immediately informed about this situation, the Civil Aviation Committee of Armenia told Armenian

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The aviation security personnel isolated this passenger, his hand luggage on board the plane was seized, the passengers on board were taken out of the aircraft, and they as well as their hand luggage, baggage, cargo, and the plane were inspected.

But no objects, items, materials, or equipment banned on board were detected during the inspection.

This passenger was handed over to the Zvartnots Airport police.

An investigation is underway.