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Wuhan coronavirus: North Korea places elderly and children under special care

Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 28, 2020
A deep attention is given to the healthcare of the elderly and children with weak immunity in all areas and by relevant units across the DPRK as regards the increasing number Wuahn coronavirus deaths in the world.
North Korea children hospital
Health in North Korea   Officials frequent residential areas in their charge
Officials frequent residential areas in their charge to inform the elderly of hygienic and anti epidemic information, while paying special attention to the healthcare of those with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

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Medical workers in charge of households observe if there are any aged people with unusual symptoms like fever and cough.

Homes for the elderly are keeping strict discipline of cleansing hand and body and regularly sanitizing public places such as dining-room, toilet, entertainment hall, exercise room and library.

The Pyongyang Old People's Home has disinfected clinics and utensils with ultraviolet and sterilized bedrooms and beddings on a daily basis for clean environment.

A deep social attention is paid to the epidemic prevention among children.

Baby homes and orphanages sanitize shared articles and doorknobs several times a day and frequently ventilate rooms, keeping careful checkup of babies and orphanages and taking measures for preventing any abnormal issues in the anti-epidemic work.