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Venezuelans vote in fingerprint-based elections

Staff Writer | July 30, 2017
Venezuelans are coming Sunday to the polls for a key election to choose representatives to the National Constituent Assembly (NCA).
Venezuela elections
LatAm   One elector, one vote
It's an initiative by President Nicolas Maduro to curtail the political crisis ultra right wing sectors have been whipping up for several months in an attempt to topple his legitimate government by means of street violence with support from external forces.

Voters will directly elect 537 of the 545 NCA's members; the remaining 8 representatives pertaining to aboriginal communities will be elected on August 1.

The electoral system in Venezuela is "one of the safest, most reliable and transparent in the world," assured the president of the country's National Electoral Council (CNE).

The fingerprint-based voting process is automated and guaranteed that the rule of "one elector, one vote" will be in place.

The rule prohibits voters from voting more than once, CNE's head Tibisay Lucena stressed.

The opposition in Venezuela had previously asked the government to call for a National Constituent Assembly to change the country's constitution and demanded elections. But now they oppose it and have called for a boycott of the process.

The first results of the vote will be known by Sunday night.