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Venezuela to begin reconstruction of electricity system, water scarcity escalates

Christian Fernsby ▼ | March 29, 2019
Venezuela's Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez announced Thursday the start of a new phase in reconstructing the country's national electricity system following attacks this month.
Guri hydroelectric plant
LatAm   Guri hydroelectric plant
"We are going to enter a new phase of reconstruction and total resizing of the national electricity system and the petroleum installations," Rodriguez told the press.

He also called on citizens to use electricity rationally following the attack on the Guri hydroelectric power station, the country's main plant, on Monday.

"Let's save electricity and stay on the streets with our disposition to be free, sovereign and independent," he added.

Caracas restored power supply on Thursday following Monday's massive outage.

On March 7, Venezuela suffered its first massive blackout that left the country without power for five days. Rodriguez said that the "attack" was a cyber warfare against the nucleus of the Guri power station.

The minister warned that since then they have detected "at least four severe sabotages in the national electricity system."

A breakdown of water pumps Thursday had an adverse impact on the daily life of Venezuelans who are in the middle of the greatest political crisis in its history.

Power cuts led to a breakdown of water pumps and Venezuelans rushed to alternative resources such as gardens, natural springs and rivers, according to local news.