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Venezuela: Electricity back after third outage in March

Christian Fernsby ▼ | March 31, 2019
Venezuela mostly recovered on Saturday the electricity after a third power outage in a month.
Venezuela electricity
LatAm   The El Nacional claimed the power blackout was ongoing regionally
The South American country was again plunged into darkness on Friday evening and most of the capital Caracas gained the service back in the early hours of Saturday, while most of the other affected states also recovered in day.

The El Nacional, the country’s opposition news website, claimed the power blackout was ongoing regionally in 15 states.

After a week-long power cut, which began on March 7, in Venezuela, the country went through another blackout on March 25.

While the government announced that the cuts were due to cyber and physical sabotage, the opposition claimed that the electricity system collapsed due to the government’s lack of adequate efforts in infrastructure.