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U.S. congress approval remains at 16%

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Staff Writer | September 13, 2017
As Congress continues to come under fire for seeming inaction on hot-button issues like repeal of the Affordable Care Act, congressional approval remained subdued in September, at 16%.
congress approval
America   Congress was in recess during much of August
The last time Congress approval was lower was in July 2016, at 13%.

President Donald Trump's deal with Democratic leaders in Congress on the debt ceiling and hurricane relief funds was struck just before this Sept. 6-10 survey was conducted and doesn't appear to have had any effect on congressional approval this month.

Congress was in recess during much of August and has been back in session since last week. Americans' stable opinions of Congress in September may reflect the recess and the lack of activity during August.

Approval of Congress hit a recent "peak" of 28% in February, the first reading after the Republican Party gained control of the legislative and the executive branches following Trump's inauguration.

But rank-and-file Republicans' approval fell, reaching 16% in August, after congressional Republicans failed in their most recent attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act.