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Ural Airlines Airbus makes emergency landing in Russia

Christian Fernsby ▼ | December 28, 2019
Russian Ural Airlines Airbus A320 jet with 149 passengers on board has made a safe emergency landing on Yekaterinburg airport in a city east of the Ural Mountains.
Yekaterinburg airport
Air incident   Yekaterinburg airport
The Airbus A320 plane operated by Ural Airlines has made a successful emergency landing at Koltsovo International Airport in Yekaterinburg, a source in the air service informed TASS on Saturday.

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According to Russian civil aviation officials, the plane has landed without incident at Koltsovo International Airport. No one was injured.

Earlier, the aircraft was burning off fuel in the run-up to the emergency landing due to a technical fault being detected on the plane’s systems. There were 149 passengers on board the plane.

“Flight U6-2931 from Yekaterinburg to Simferopol has landed at 17:35 local time at the airport of origin. Representatives of the air carrier are working with the passengers. The Koltsovo Airport is functioning as usual,” Koltsovo International Airport announced.

According to airport officials, the plane left Yekaterinburg at 14:10 local time. It circled the area to burn off fuel before landing.