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Typhoon Hato to blast southeastern China with flooding rain into Thursday

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Staff Writer | August 23, 2017
Typhoon Hato will barrel across southeastern China with damaging winds, flooding rain and an inundating storm surge into Thursday.
Typhoon Hato southeastern China
Weather   The strength of Hato
The strength of Hato was equivalent to a Category 2 hurricane in the eastern Pacific and Atlantic oceans when it made landfall just southwest of Hong Kong during early Wednesday afternoon, local time.

Damaging winds with gusts of 160-200 km/h (100-125 mph), widespread flooding rain and an inundating storm surge will endanger lives and property.

Such winds will lead to lengthy power outages and widespread tree damage. Structures, especially poorly constructed ones, may endure significant damage.

While Hong Kong narrowly avoided a direct hit by Hato, the city endured a 144 km/h (89 mph) wind gust on Wednesday morning.

The majority of flights to and from Hong Kong are expected to be canceled through Wednesday, Reuters reports. Other transportation services, including some ferries, are also likely to be suspended.